Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bottles Transformed Into Glasses

San Diego based company BottleHood creates unique glassware out of recycled glass bottles.

Vodka, beer, soda, and wine bottles are turned into eco-friendly glasses.

15 Unusual and Creative Bus Stops

Casar de Caceres Bus Stop

This minimalist structure that looks like a single sheet of white concrete was designed by architect Justo García Rubío and located in Casar de Caceres, Spain. [link]

Moroccan Style Bus Stop

No ordinary bus stop decorated by Iris Hynd in Cornwall, England. [link]

Estonian Bus Stop

Beautiful bus stop design from Estonia. [link]

Watermelon Bus Stop

Creative watermelon bus stop in Ishaya, Japan. [link]

School Bus Bus Stop

Unusual “school bus” bus stop from Athens, Ga. The bus shelter is made from 3 old school buses. [link]

Swing Bus Stop

Creative London bus stop by Bruno Taylor gives commuters a chance to have a little bit of playtime while they wait for the bus. [link]

Vitra Bus Stop

Bus stop designed for the Vitra design museum in Germany. [link]

Sheffield Bus Stop

Creative bus shelter with grass roof in Sheffield, England. [link]

LED Bus Stop

Designed as part of the smart mobilities project, this bus stop was presented in Paris in 2008. Users waiting inside the bus stop could engage via a touch screen interface while pedestrians waiting outside could interact with a 6ft. custom LED display. [link]

Air Conditioned Bus Stop

Fully enclosed bus stop with air conditioning in Dubai. [link, image]

Hammock Bus Stop

Relax while you wait for the bus to arrive. [link

Yosemite Falls Bus Stop

Beautiful Yosemite Falls trail bus stop is perfectly suited for the setting. [link]

Strawberry Bus Stop

Yummy strawberry bus stop from Japan. [link]

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop

Football goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup. [link]

Curitiba Bus Stop

Futuristic public transport bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil. [link]

Creative and unusual bus stop designs that make the time you spend waiting for the bus a bit more bearable.

Animals Lips painting

                         Pikachu Lips

                    Chameleon Lips

                      Bumble Bee Lips

                      Bidoof Lips

                    Caterpillar Lips

                    Black Cat Lips

                    Fox Lips

                   Crab Lips

Panda Lips

Six Wheeled Sports Car Speed of 300 km/h (185 mph)

Covini C6W is equipped with four steering front wheels that improve braking, handling, and directional stability.

Unique sports car features a powerful 8-cylinder engine, weights less than 1200 kg (2645 lbs), and has a top speed of 300 km/h (185 mph).